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Pledge your efforts to address sustainability issues at Washington University and at home.

Washington University in St. Louis is committed to reducing the impact it and others have on the environment through its operational and research initiatives. But to become a truly sustainable community, Washington University needs help from you — the students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and members of surrounding communities.

In taking the WUSTL Sustainability Pledge, you can make a personal commitment to sustainable living by incorporating the tips outlined in this pledge — ranging from reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to conserving resources and recycling — into your everyday life.

The pledge contains 24 items and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Through each of us doing our part, the Washington University community can reduce our environmental impact and create a better future for generations to come.

View the Sustainability Pledge announcement in the Record.

To begin the pledge, please provide your name and e-mail address. Your responses will be e-mailed to you.

Your personal information will not be shared.

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